We generate audiences across all channels

You want to GROW your business. CREATE greater brand loyalty. ENGAGE with the most affluent consumers in the Twin Cities and throughout the region. Greenspring Media can help you achieve all of those goals and much more. We have built success around four primary competencies: Content Strategy Publication; Total Audience Development; Digital Marketing Strategy & Execution; and Analytics.

Content Strategy & Execution

Whether the audience is B2B or B2C, our content strategy focuses on the audience and how to share your story expertly and creatively through an integrated, multichannel plan in print, digital, social, and e-newsletter.

Total Audience Development

We create for your audience, and we have the creative skills and experience to share your story through digital, in print, and at events. Share your goals, and we will find ways to exceed your expectations.

Digital Marketing Strategy & Execution

With a full-service suite of digital services including Google Display and Programmatic Advertising, Paid Social Media Advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Website Remarketing, Video and OTT Advertising, Digital Radio Advertising, Custom Email Marketing and Digital Consultation, our IN-HOUSE digital marketing team delivers quantifiable results for all types of businesses and industry segments.


Creative content focuses on telling a compelling story, and our data-driven approach to a content strategy can help you avoid wasting resources by trying to connect with the wrong audiences in the wrong places. We use data to identify target audiences and their trending topics, channel-specific preferences of potential customers, and the influencers most relevant to those groups.