Tasting Notes Submission

Attendees to the Food & Wine Experience are provided a program with information about the event, including a list of all the exhibitors and sponsors participating.

Please submit the list of products you will be sampling at the 2019 Food & Wine Experience, to be included in the Tasting Notes program provided to attendees. All exhibitors must complete this form. Information may be edited for space and clarity.

You are allowed to pour as many wines as you like, and we recommend at least a case of each wine. (Estimated attendance: 6,500)

Submission Form & Deadlines

Deadline: January 25, 2019

Shipping Information for Wine

Deadline: February 5, 2019 (Shipped wines must ARRIVE by this date)

Exhibitors sampling wine may ship their wine in advance to Greenspring Media by the deadline above.

Address for shipping wines:

Food & Wine Experience
ATTN: Matthew Drewek
Greenspring Media
706 Second Avenue South, Suite 1000
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Please ship wines for the Grand Red Tasting and the Best of Show/Best Value Wine Competition in separate boxes and clearly mark their shipping labels accordingly. (Deadlines and additional information are on the signup pages.)

Contact Information

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Ashley Flygare – aflygare@greenspring.com | 612-371-5813