Greenspring's Team of Collaborators


Greenspring Media’s Publisher has more than 25 years of media leadership experience, developing franchise and custom publications, digital media, and event solutions for some of the country’s preeminent publishers. Combining the best of both worlds with an abundance of editorial, sales, and marketing experience, she works closely with key stakeholders to determine high-level goals and measurable deliverables for all of Greenspring’s partners and spearheads the overall strategic plan and tactical deliverables of our business.

Production Director

As part of the production team, Deidra works closely with clients to deliver all digital product offerings. Her digital prowess, combined with clear and effective communication, ensures all campaigns are performing optimally. She’s worked with the Meetings + Events titles since 2018, and brings her knowledge of publishing, project management, and graphic design to all the titles Greenspring Media produces.

Associate Editor

As associate editor for Meetings + Events, Linden works as a part of its team of incredibly talented individuals to bring all 10 regional titles to life. She has written articles for Twin Cities’ Lavender magazine and cut her teeth in the publishing industry as both a book editor for a small-town publishing house in Wisconsin and a freelancer for many fiction and creative non-fiction titles. Linden brings her love of connection, storytelling, and squeaky-clean copy to the Meetings + Events editorial team. 

Senior Editor

Todd is a seasoned publishing professional with deep knowledge and experience in writing and editing for a wide variety of audiences: from visitors to Grand Canyon National Park to civil engineers. He is the author of seven books, mostly works of history and guidebooks, including It Happened at Grand Canyon (1st and 2nd editions), Lighthouses of the Great Lakes, and The Insiders’ Guide to the Twin Cities (3rd, 4th, and 5th editions). In his role as senior editor, Todd manages our in-house and remote Meetings + Events team and regularly contributes as a writer and editor to Midwest Home.

Associate Publisher

In her role as an associate publisher for Greenspring’s Meeting + Events division, Laurie’s specialties include working with the travel and tourism industry, marketing to planning professionals, relationship building, and networking. She also specializes in travel/tourism trends, online advertising, media planning, competitive analysis, and integrated marketing plans. 

Group Editor

As group editor at Greenspring Media, Katelyn leads the strategic content development across print and digital platforms for the company’s B2B portfolio of products—Group Tour and Meetings + Events—and Midwest Home, Minnesota’s only standalone, subscription-based home and garden publication. Alongside a team of talented senior, junior, and digital editors, Katelyn signs off on more than 40 titles per year and works intimately with each of Greenspring’s departments. Her background in professional journalism, content marketing, and public relations elevates her ability to craft compelling, well-rounded editorial packages that serve both B2B and B2C audiences.

Sales & Marketing Specialist

As the Sales & Marketing Specialist, Madeline wears many hats to support the sales team and uses detailed organization and frequent engagement with the sales team and clients to be successful. From creating engaging emails and reviewing analytics to prospecting new clients and creating proposals, she is known for being a master multi-tasker. Madeline’s background in customer service and communications provides her the experience to be very successful in this role.   


Colorado native Beth lives and works in a ski town, loves being outdoors, and spends as much time as possible exploring her home state, the West, and beyond. Along with being editor of Colorado Meetings + Events since 2004 and helping launch Mountain Meetings in 2013, the 30-year veteran of the magazine industry also specializes in public relations, marketing, and project management. Beth stumbled into writing and editing while paying for graduate school.

Managing Editor

As the Managing Editor for Greenspring’s Meetings + Events teamAmanda utilizes her journalistic skills and passion for travel to find and build stories focused on the meetings + events, hospitality, and tourism industries for various M+E titles. Her background in diversified editorial work affords a creative element to all projects.   

Art Director

As an art director, Olivia closely collaborates with Greenspring staff and stakeholders to design several regional publications including Drinks, Twin Cities Guest Guide, Ultimate Travel Guide, and Official Visitors Guide. Her first major undertaking with Greenspring was redesigning Group Tour Magazine, a national B2B publication serving the tourism industry, to give it a modern and clean look. With almoste10 years of publishing experience, magazines are Olivia’s bread and butter. She loves to incorporate her own illustrations and hand-lettering in her feature designs, as well as bold typography and a strong sense of color to create publications that appeal to advertisers and readers alike.    

Art Director

In his role as Art Director for Meeting + Events Magazines, Micah utilizes more than a decade of professional design experience in environments ranging from advertising agencies to publishing houses. Micah’s love for clean print design fuels his work, and his curiosity about people motivates his human-centered work approach. Micah enjoys working on Greenspring Media’s complete family of Meetings + Events magazines as well as contributing to custom publications.


Style Editor, Minnesota Monthly


As Style Editor of Minnesota Monthly, Emma keeps a close pulse on all things retail, style, and fashion in the Twin Cities and beyond. She harnesses her wealth of experience in both the editorial and fashion industries, as we well as her passion for storytelling, to communicate the diverse persepectives of individuals who have helped shape the Minnesota fashion scene and its one-of-a-kind events, brands, and businesses. Emma also works closely with clients as associate editor of Greenspring Media’s custom portfolio, finding her niche as a content director of Viking magazine, Sons of Norway’s membership publication that explores Nordic culture and heritage – a passion project which has helped her reconnect with her own Norwegian heritage.

Managing Editor


Maddie’s extensive background in journalism helps her identify and write stories prevalent to today’s travel industry for the Group Tour Magazine titles and team. Her professional background includes a stint as education reporter for a daily newspaper in Wisconsin, a fellowship at the Washington Post, and an internship with the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism.

Account Executive

In her role, Sue leads the execution of client relations, understands the importance of listening, and collaborates with clients to develop a strategic plan that reaches their goals. With an extensive background in magazine sales, Sue’s background includes 20-plus years in business-to-business and consumer publications.

Senior Account Executive, Minnesota Monthly Sales Manager

In her role, Kristin is responsible for evaluating and developing innovative and strategic sales packages in print, digital, and social to the benefit of clients, sponsors, and partners across a myriad of industries. She engages with her clients to maximize their potential and generate bottom-line results. With her extensive career in sales and management, Kristin is responsible for driving and leading in sales across all of Greenspring’s product lines.

Managing Editor

As Managing Editor of Minnesota Monthly and Greenspring’s vast portfolio of custom publications, Macy strives to capture the Spirit of Minnesota through impactful storytelling and engaging content across print and digital platforms. Working closely with other editors and the art, production, and sales teams, she lends her editorial skills and creativity to products that resonate with readers and clients alike. With a background in arts, entertainment, and lifestyle coverage, macy is passionate about the people, places, and ideas that shape Minnesota’s culture.

Account Executive

As a member of the sales team, Jim is passionate about each client he works with to connect his clients through well-produced and highly effective integrated media plans that include print, sponsored editorial, retargeting campaigns, and many other digital options. While working on Group Travel Magazine and Youth Travel Planner, his main focus always is to connect tour suppliers with those that plan travel and considers his level of service to the client as first and foremost to his client’s success.

Account Executive

Approaching 20 years in tourism media with Group Tour Magazine and Youth Travel Planner, Greg’s focus remains delivering the best package of options to generate a return for each client. He uses open dialogue and clear communication, is attentive to a client’s needs (both observed and vocalized), and stays up-to-date on print and digital marketing options to make sure opportunities for growth are not missed.

Advertising Coordinator

As an Advertising Coordinator, Sydney works as a member of the production team. She provides support in tracking, managing, and creating print advertisements for Minnesota Monthly, Midwest Home, and multiple custom publications. She also handles outreach and execution for all nine regions of Meetings + Events digital product offerings. 

Event Manager | Office Manager

Rick Krueger is the Event Manager for our team. Using his organization and communication skills, he brings to life Greenspring Media’s many events, including Food & Wine Experience, GrillFest, and the Luxury Home & Remodeling Tour, and he is instrumental in creating systems and processes to help the entire organization operate more efficiently.

Account Executive

Alan is an optimistic and enthusiastic sales professional with 12 years of experience in the group travel industry. He is skilled at developing action plans for each of his client’s unique needs and is committed to helping them select the best comprehensive marketing campaign in print, digital and social media.

Sales and Marketing Specialist 

Tausha joined Greenspring Media with more than 25 years of sales and marketing experienceShe works closely with the Group Tour Magazine and Meetings + Events teams to support their sales efforts and new business development 

Associate Publisher

With more than 20 years of expertise in the magazine publishing industry, Jennifer crafts comprehensive, national marketing strategies, blending print advertising with digital marketing elements. As the Associate Publisher for California, Colorado, and Southwest Meetings + Events magazines, she develops unique packages to the benefit of clients.

Senior Account Executive

Lori leads the sales effort behind Midwest Home’s portfolio of print and digital products, alongside the magazine’s flagship Luxury Home Tour & Remodeling Tour and Midwest Home Design Awards events. Lori’s innate ability to connect with clients, prospects, and industry professionals results in trust and long-standing relationships where she uses her years of industry experience and insider knowledge.

Associate Publisher

As associate publisher of Texas Meetings + Events, Ryan brings over 20 years of sales and proven ad revenue experience to Greenspring Media. Entering the industry in the Dallas/Fort Worth area after graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in communication, Ryan has used his interpersonal and organizational speaking skills to grow Texas Meetings + Events from a small publication into an important and indispensable publication trusted by numerous persons, organizations, and properties in the Lone Star State.

Graphic Designer

Natalie’s background in print, marketing, and events led her to the publication world. Highly creative and collaborative, she enjoys working with our editors and sales team to design a variety of custom publications and create branded advertorial content in Minnesota Monthly and Midwest Home. Natalie also supports Greenspring’s popular events, including Food & Wine Experience, Luxury Home Tour, and GrillFest. Through signage, event collateral, and promotional materials, she creates a smooth and engaging experience for all guests.

Advertising Coordinator 

As the advertising coordinator, Ellianna Radovich assists the production team in coordinating, assembling, executing, and monitoring all print and digital product offerings. Ellianna uses her degrees in both Marketing and Nonprofit Management to blend project management skills, customer service, and branding knowledge for Greenspring’s clients.

Account Executive

As a member of the sales team, Scott connects his clients to the right audiences for their goals through integrated print, digital, and social campaigns, plus one-of-a-kind events. He believes Minnesota Monthly’s events, like GrillFest, Fine Spirits Classic, and the Food & Wine Experience, provide a complete marketing campaign for sponsors and exhibitors and a fun and engaging experience for guests, which creates a unique opportunity for all to engage.

Senior Art Director

A Senior Art Director for Real Food, Midwest Home, and Bush Foundation’s b magazine, Ted is passionate about print design and has lived and breathed publications for the past 25 years. He has experience working with internal and external clients, art directing photographers, illustrators, and other designers, redesigning a variety of publications, and overseeing layout and production. He also works on promotional design from time to time as well as marketing, advertising, and website design.

Associate Editor

As Associate Editor of Midwest Home, Elizabeth combines her passion for the home industry with a love of storytelling to craft captivating content for readers across both print and digital platforms. Leveraging her background in digital marketing, she spearheads the brand’s digital content strategy, ensuring Midwest Home stays at the forefront of the industry online. She also works closely with numerous clients to create compelling sponsored content that resonates with readers and drives success for all stakeholders.

Account Executive

In her role, Aimee connects content and audience with client’s target audience and message using proactive and results-driven sales strategies to create media plans that drive profitable growth for her clients and partners. She works with Group Tour Magazine’s and Youth Travel Planner’s print and digital offerings to offer unique and thoughtful packages to local, regional, and national clients.

Senior Editor

In her role as Senior Editor on Greenspring’s Custom Publications team, Mary leads Real Food magazine, the nationally syndicated publication distributed through our retail partner grocery stores. She also leads editorial on the nationally syndicated Drinks magazine and writes a weekly blog post focusing on food and drinks for the Her background working on topics related to the meeting industry, business and travel are also put to use assisting on the company’s other publications in these and other areas as needed.

Marketing and Events Coordinator

As the Marketing and Events Coordinator for the Events Division, Jordyn plays a key role in the execution of Greenspring Media’s various events, such as the Food & Wine Experience, GrillFest, the Luxury Home Tour, and others. She utilizes her exceptional organization, collaboration, and marketing abilities to aid in event planning and activation. Jordyn’s educational background in marketing and design enables her to approach her work creatively and attentively, while ensuring all internal and external stakeholders are satisfied.

Editor-in-Chief, Minnesota Monthly

As editor-in-chief of Minnesota Monthly and Greenspring’s Editorial Director, Alesha Taylor guides a team of storytellers and writers. She collaborates with clients, editors, art directors, and sales representatives to uphold high editorial and design standards for Greenspring’s custom and flagship publications, including Viking magzine, Twin Cities Guest Guide, and more. She has over a decade of experience in publishing, communications, and marketing, and brings a diverse perspective to editorial planning and execution.

Advertising Coordinator

Tony’s interest in publications and design comes from a lifetime interest in art and an appreciation for communicating information visually, which he learned growing up reading periodicals like the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer and National Geographic. He is a devoted Minnesotan and enjoys traveling and experiencing new places and landscapes with family and friends. With more than 10 years of experience designing printed media in the public and private sectors, Tony works to coordinate advertising with Greenspring Media’s production team.

Senior Editor

Andy is a seasoned journalist and editor with more than two decades of experience at newspapers and magazines. He hails from the West but is excited to now live and work in the upper Midwest. As senior editor, he oversees the editorial direction of Group Tour and annual sister publications, Youth Travel Planner and Heritage + History. He is a self-proclaimed history buff and the author of several history and travel books, including Haunted Dakotas: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Peace Garden and Mount Rushmore States (Globe Pequot, 2023). He lives in the Twin Cities – not far from Prince’s Paisley Park – with his wife and two curious cats.

Matthew Yanz
Junior Account Executive

As a Junior Account Executive in the sales department, Matthew leads sales for Viking magazine and is part of the team selling Minnesota Monthly’s special sections and Bloomington & Mall of America Visitor’s Guide. Along with his strong sales acumen, Matthew has a seemingly innate skill for prospecting new clients and creating lasting connections. His education and background in business and marketing have given him experience in building long-standing relationships with clients and Greenspring Media’s numerous offerings.

Art Director

Traci brings more than 15 years of creative design and art direction experience in publishing to the team at Greenspring Media. As an Art Director for the Meetings + Events Magazines since 2012, she has a deep sense of familiarity with the events industry in the magazines’ regions of coverage across the country and a love for creating editorial designs to showcase what meetings and events have to offer. Traci has worked collaboratively with editors, photographers, designers, and freelancers across many publications, and particularly enjoys specializing in infographic design and illustration.