Events & Marketing

Explore our year-long portfolio of signature events, designed to give our readers endless opportunities to have unique and intimate luxury experiences. We are known for our high quality and expertly produced events aimed at the luxury-minded consumer that are well respected throughout the Twin Cities and deliver interactive opportunities for our partners. We excel at partnering with our sponsors to give them one of a kind brand extensions by creating unique and educational experiences with attendees, extensive reach through our purchased and earned media inclusions, and bringing additional visionary brands to the table to enrich on-site activation. Our 20+ years of experience in event production make us the perfect partner to create custom programs to help you activate your brand and achieve your goals.

For more information on how to participate in our events, contact us:

Scott Rorvig

Account Executive, Greenspring Media

Katy Pitts

Account Executive, Greenspring Media

Arthur Morrissey

Associate Publisher + Director of Marketing, Events & Partnerships