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Saturday: Winning Recipe

Tennessee Tacos

Willingham’s Pulled Pork
Willingham’s Original Mild Seasoning
Captain Ken’s Original Baked Beans
6-inch flour tortilla
Fresh coleslaw with dressing
Sweet Kristy’s W’ham Sauce

1. Follow instructions for heating pulled pork and baked beans.
2. Take one tortilla, add baked beans, then pulled pork, top
with coleslaw, and drizzle with, Sweet Kristy’s sauce.

Sunday: Winning Recipe

Memphis Moo Shu

Willingham’s Pulled Pork (or Chicken)
Captain Ken’s Original Baked Beans
Brown rice
1⁄2   cup diced onion
2     tablespoons olive oil
1      tablespoon Willingham’s Original Mild Seasoning
Small Chinese to-go boxes
Fresh coleslaw
Sweet Kristy’s W’ham Sauce
Moo Shu pancakes or flour tortillas

1. Follow package instructions to heat pulled pork and baked beans.
2. Cook brown rice per instructions. Sauté onion in olive oil and Willingham’s seasoning. Add onion to hot cooked rice.
3. Assemble all ingredients in Chinese to go box starting with brown rice, then beans, then meat, then coleslaw.
4. Pour Sweet Kristy’s sauce onto Moo Shu pancakes, spread evenly and fold in half. Stick two pancakes inside of the to-go box.
5. Encourage your guests to take contents of box and make their very own Memphis Moo Shu. Enjoy!

Pork Grill Champ


Pictured below (L-R): Rik Schubel, Director of Good Cheer; Jon Bigalk, Pitmaster; Jim Dehnke, Grillmaster; Eric Simpson, Executive Chef, Hazeltine National Golf Club

Not pictured: Paul Ruszat, Executive Chef, St. Cloud Hospital; Kristy Bigalk, Pitmaster
Pork Grill Champ


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